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Guild Raiding Rules - Read before applying!

by Unimind, 1779 days ago

Ronin League is on it's 6th year and is now based both on Blackwater Raiders and in Sen'Jin. For 2011 we are going to be into progression more than the family guild type. We will be running raids in a stricter fashion and members have to continue to excel in their class and spec of choice.
Doesn't mean we can't still have a family feel but it does mean we will be more structured towards downing content and achievements.

- Be respectful, courteous and helpful whenever possible.
- Avoid chatting in public channels.
- Maintain an image of professionalism and friendliness.

- Any raids not scheduled on the calendar are open for PUGing that week.
- Be prepared; repaired, restocked and researched.
- Be ready for invites and be at the instance 15 minutes before start times.
- Sign up for raids on the in-game calendar.
- If you will miss a raid, mail an officer or post in the "Attendance" forum.
- Keep vent clear during explanations and boss encounters.
- 3 minute wipe recovery. Release, run back and buff, FAST.
- ALL AFK's during ready checks will be penalized 5EP regardless of the reason. Any AFK's longer than 10min will be replaced. There will be a 10min break and 2 5min breaks during the raid nights.

The goal is to identify members' continuous contribution to the guild through attendance and performance. Ranks will be updated every Tuesday and must be requested by the member.
- Member: members who do not raid progressively.
- Casual Raider: Players who go to non progression runs for loot and fun and for occasional fill ins for progression runs.
- Core Raiders: exemplify their class and the guild's values, and have a minimum of 75% the EP of the highest EP holder. Core Raiders are expected to exemplify ALL qualities that the guild values including: skill, dedication and good temperment; core members should never be the cause of drama, arguements and loot disputes, they should provide a stable foundation that keeps the guild and raids together.
- Officers: manage members, website, recruitment.
- Daimyo: 2nd in command
- Shogun: Unimind

The goal is to reward people for their effort and help the guild progress as much as possible.
- Certain items like legendaries or BimS (Best in many class' slots) may be subject to rank priorities.
- 25-man: EPGP system.

- you earn Effort points by attending 25-mans, guild events, and as rewards for bolstering the guild.
- you earn Gear points by receiving gear.
- your EP/GP is recorded under your officer note.
- EP/GP is reduced by 10% at midnight on the 13th and 27th of every month.
- your PRIORITY is your Effort Points divided by your Gear Points.

eg. 1000EP / 100GP = Priority of 10
800EP / 100GP = Priority of 8
500EP / 1GP = Priority of 500
- you must have a minimum priority of 1 to qualify for loot.
- all new members start out with 500GP.
- The loot timer will now be 30 seconds and will be strictly adhered to. Loot will be assigned at the end of the timer regardless of requests. Further changes can be made between members and the loot master as long as it does not hamper the progress of the raid.
- 10-man (heroic): Roll / 1 loot per run/ Loot Council

- priority to those who have contributed the most to the raid, like those who have been there the longest over someone who has just joined the raid.
- priority to those who NEED upgrades to help the guild progress farther, like a tank who needs more stamina to tank a progression boss.
- 10-man: Roll / 1 loot per run/ Loot Council

- Required to make a donation to the bank.
- DKP may be deducted from raider.
- Demotion
- Removal.

Apply to Ronin League

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